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Nature belongs to all of God's children.


Independence Day Weekend 2020, California.  As the country celebrated its liberation from a tyrannical king--in a chilling twist of irony, Carmel-By-The-Sea’s City Hall and its police department, “closed” Carmel Beach by way of violence, threats of $1,000 fines, criminal charges and time spent behind bars.  Outraged at how easily a standing army could lay siege to a part of the Coast, attacking a man walking his dog in the tidelands, (image, left), Theresa drew her line in the sand.  Calling to men assembled on the bluff, who turned their backs on their call to duty, she stood alone against Carmel’s police officers and was handcuffed, repeatedly searched and jailed. Knowing she must learn to articulate the rights given to her by God and having three charges to defend against, Theresa began to study the law. As a stained glass artist and being pretty good with puzzles which are illuminated with light, she began to assemble the abstract pieces of a different type of puzzle. Without an attorney, she filed a Title 42 §1983 Lawsuit, in June 2022, against Carmel-By-The-Sea, its Officers and Monterey County, being 200 docket entries in  - which serves as a harsh reminder to our servants, that We the People are the Principals in all dealings with the government and the gifts of God cannot be stolen. She has gained a wealth of knowledge in studying the law within the past four years and pro se litigation has a new name. In July of 2023, she was able to get the 3 criminal charges filed against her dismissed, (again, without counsel) and she is presently battling two prominent California law firms that are trying to defend the outrageous conduct of public servants that treated us, the People, like serfs. The laws of God are written on the heart of all men. Patience and determination will always win.

How a Woman Helped Protect the California Coast from fascist rednecks.  🤣
For media inquiries and speaking engagements, please contact, Carole Jean Buccola, (208) 948-4567,
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