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About Theresa


When I was in grade school in New Jersey and people would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up my response was, “a lawyer or a doctor.” All I did was study and didn’t have much of a life by my arrival in the dorms of NYU. It is unclear as to how any teenager dropped into the middle of New York City could possibly get any work done when the call of the wild is right outside your window, (myself included) so I dropped out midway to become a bike messenger. After some pretty-bad accidents (one where I landed right on my face and woke-up in the hospital), run-ins with the police and stolen bikes, I became the owner of a successful messenger company, sold it, moved to Paris, upstate New York, and then onto Oakland. For the next decade, I worked as a secretary in the banking industry and wow, was that depressing sitting in a cubicle all day long. The carpool lane, the expense reports, even getting up in the morning - were dreaded chores. And the years rolled on. 

Then one Friday evening in the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, I met a stained glass artist moments after praying to God for a way out of my cubicle. Not long after that, I quit being a secretary and started creating complex jigsaw puzzles out of glass.

Projects in the pipeline are Stained Glass Domes. These works of art will be built according to sacred geometric proportions - above libraries to spiral with your love of books, or entrance-ways to welcome your guests. You'll be able to stand underneath and commune with God through beauty, stained glass and the language of nature. The intent is to open up portals to the Divine dimension all over the world. If God brought me to stained glass that day in the museum, there's a symmetry about using the medium of stained glass to assist those in prayer to commune with God.

Another concept is Magnolia tree domes in the ceiling of mausoleums, so your body can rest in eternal spring while your soul flies off on your next adventure...

And if you hear of a house-music party, or Mark Farina is spinning somewhere within a 500 mile radius, let me know and I'll meet you there. Because dancing all night until the sun comes up never gonna grow old...

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